Kathi Beasley: Hope, Reassurance, and the Other Side of Life

May 9, 2017

Welcome to Episode 6 of Season 2.  Today, Kathi Beasley takes us into the other-worldly realms of what is often called a near death experience, or NDE.  For Kathi, this emerged as part of a slow and debilitating health issue that was, as she says, “like watching grass grow.” She careened into a place of darkness that at first, terrified her, but in time, transitioned into something miraculous, and overwhelmingly positive: a near death experience.  Kathi reflects on the landscape of the end of life, which often stirs fear and anxiety of the unknown.  She brings her story with the hope of reassurance, sharing an encounter that brought what Kathi describes as "a soul healing that was custom made with care just for her," bringing hope and healing fro the other side of life.

Kathi has spent most of her life telling other people’s stories in film and photography as a producer, editor, and writer.  She recently received numerous awards for a one woman documentary she shot on location in West Africa called “The Woe of Bo Town” which chronicles the trials of women in underdeveloped countries who have little access to healthcare during childbirth. But in this instance, she describes what compelled her to want to do outreach and mission oriented work.  This story is adapted from ISH’s Healing Stories Event held in February 2017.